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Over nineteen years of experience, having touched all aspects of production, starting in illustration, Eric has been a videographer, animator, motion designer and editor. He went on to become an Emmy award winning freelancer. As business grew, so did the need for his freelance business to become its own virtual studio. Filled with nostalgia from the 80's, his Garbage Pail Kid's collection is starting to take over his office surrounded by the snow capped mountains of Idaho. When he is not chained to his work, he can be found on kayaking adventures on the lakes with his daughters.


Our bearded New Yorker, comic collector and video game enthusiast; As a Video Professional, Blade started out as a video editor when he was a wee lad of 17. He went on to branch out as a camera operator and moved up the ladder, becoming a Producer in the Advertising field. Now Producing for Wood Shack Creative, he also works as a Voice Actor in Video games, TV, Radio, audiobooks and hosts the pop-culture podcast ‘Nightcap Chat’.

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